Blade Size: 3.75 inches

Blade Thickness: .1875 inches

Blade Steel: CPM3V, Peters' Heat Treat, 61 RC

OAL:  8 inches

Handle Construction: Novel No-Fastener Interlocking Boss System, G10

Finish: Ion Bond Tungsten DLC

Weight: 6.5 ounces


The CK-3 is a fine-edge high-performance cutting tool designed for, and with extensive input from, elite operators.

The blade is optimized for both cutting performance and high durability. This is achieved by the careful combination of blade material, design and edge geometry. The blade is a wide modified sheepsfoot. The wide profile and full-height grind allows the use of thick stock (.1875 inches) that tapers to a comparatively thin, yet well supported edge. CPM3V is a steel well suited to this strategy considering its high impact resistance at higher hardness.

The CK-3 features novel, fastener-free handle construction that provides superior shear strength for long-term handle durability compared with traditional attachment methods. This is achieved by means of  interlocking bosses machined directly into the G-10 handle material. These bosses cause the handle scales to "nest" together through the frame of the knife. When bonded, the handle halves form a permanent block which is superior in strength and simplicity compared with other solutions.

Ion Bond Tungsten DLC is the high-performance surface finish of choice for many elite professionals, well suited to hostile environments and hard use.


Triple Aught Design Exclusive Version 

Triple Aught Design Exclusive Version