Morphing Karambit

Version 1 Prototype


The Morphing Karambit Version 1 Prototype is a first-of-kind example of a novel, patented approach to karambit design.

Benefits include the ability to instantly deploy the blade from a retention position (with blade retracted) without requiring the user to remove fingers from about the handle to allow a blade to pass along a traditional rotational axis.

This enhances the tool’s utility because, once deployed with blade retracted, that condition may be changed in an instant, deploying the blade immediately and without compromising control of the tool, or requiring support-hand assistance to accomplish.

Additionally, user safety is enhanced because the blade’s conveyance path never crosses any portion of the user’s hand when held consistent with typical karambit usage.


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Blade Size: 2.5 inches

Blade Thickness: .160 inches

Blade Steel: CPM154, Peter's HT, 61 RC

OAL (open) 7.125 inches

Weight: 6.0 ounces

 US Patented "Morphing" deployment design